Saturday, May 19, 2012

My First Week

There was a quiet time when spring break happened when I couldn’t communicate during this time due to being home in Montana without internet and a lack of phone service.

After April 1st, I had begun my involvement with ARG officially. Every Friday, there is a Skype conference. These conferences are basically a voiced update on what’s going on and what’s to come in the future. This particular time, I got to introduce myself to everyone else in the call. I had no internet, so I was able to have this chat through my phone. Artie and Woodrow take time after the call to talk to interns separately about concerns or updates on their current projects. I spent this time getting my first assignment. I was given the files, but due to having step throat, I was told to take the weekend off. Something I’m also not used to.
The forum post for this week's Skype conference:

That's all for now!

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