Saturday, May 19, 2012

Internship Fair

After signing up for the internship fair, I was given a massive packet with information on the Externship class and how to prepare for interviews in the Internship Fair. There was also an e-mail sent that had a list of the companies fit for the MAA student to interview and their websites. ARG was the only one that suited what I love to do, and that was 2D animation. He was the only company I signed up to interview, which probably wasn’t a smart move on my part.

During the interview, he spoke mostly about his company and his ambitions. He talks briefly of future projects. I didn’t even show my flat art portfolio, all he saw was a few animated shorts I’ve produced in a few classes.

*I must note here that what I’ve done in classes, even in 2D Animation, 2D Animation Studio and so on were very important here. If it weren’t for caring about what I created in those classes, this interview would have been extremely difficult. As a senior, I’d encourage students to, instead of just ‘make it through the class’ to really plan out what your animation pieces will be and make sure those animation principals are involved in every piece. Even if its difficult to come up with a story, atleast create animation tests showing off basic skills

The interview ended shortly after. I felt confident that I had the skills to work for ARG.
A follow up e-mail made it to my inbox a day later and started further communication with the company. The e-mails lead to a forum that’s branched off of the main website. Though you need an account to view any of it’s information. After joining and getting my account confirmed, the forum essencially becomes a “user guide” to the interns. It has small tutorials, job posts, introductions and so on. I spent some time reading through older topics and learning about the people I could possibly be working with. (Intern Forum from post before this)
It was an extremely eventful week, but I hardly remember it because sooo much happened. I just know all went well in the end!

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