Saturday, May 19, 2012

About ARG! Studios

About ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio

Based in Colorado Springs, with a wide variety of sister studios around the nation, ARG has been around since 1994 and was founded by Artie Romero. The company specializes in commercial animation with frequent animated cartoon shorts. The business has a vast list of companies they’ve helped, and when I say vast, I mean over 600 clients.

The studio offers a wide range of services and uses a variety of software. As an intern, there isn’t much a limit of things you can do to tailor to your needs. ARG specializes in 2D animation and would like to expand their 3D branch, so there’s a win win for both sides of the spectrum. If animation isn’t your strength, there’s even jobs as character, background and storyboard design within the studio.

After a short scroll, there is a nice directory where you can learn more about the company, some animation pointers, and a showcase of past work done by interns and employees.

The site also has a demo reel that features a variety of this work all in one segment.

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